Saatchi Gallery.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

So... about a week ago *shmoney dance* (yes I have to do it every single time I say or hear it), The blogger and also my friend, Zahra and I decided to go get lost in the world of art; and next thing we knew we ended up at the famous Saatchi gallery. Can I say first off that this place is absolutely INCREDIBLE. It got some very interesting art pieces on display, which allowed me to use my brain for once.

First let me tell you a couple of things about the gallery. The gallery is based near Sloane Square Station (one stop after Victoria on the District line). It's about a 5 minute walk from the station. The gallery exhibits contemporary art from unknown artists all over world, which is awesome. 

We got there at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon because the oh so great Maps app on my iPhone seem to lose us in the city, making us waste about half an hour trying to find the place. Luckily I wasn't wearing my heels, cause my feet would've been dead by the time we arrived there. The building was so huge, you can't miss it at all. 

The first section we entered had a massive installation of blue plastic bags
The installation was made by Jean-Francois Bocl√© and contains 97000 plastic bags! We were so tempted to jump in it..

From there we went from section to section, most things were very interesting and eye catching. 

Painting by Federico Herrero, one of my fav paintings that was displayed at the gallery. It felt like I belonged in that colourful fantasy world more than the world I live in.

Piece by Ephrem Solomon made of wood, had to get so close to see all the detail. 

LADIES WE MADE IT! I felt like shouting that in the middle of the quiet gallery. This piece actually contains arabic writing too, but the writing was very hard to read. By Eddy Ilunga Kamuanga. 

Was checking out all the pieces while Zahra caught me off guard..

All pieces by Darrel Hawkins, fantasy.

My absolute fav! you can interpret this piece in so many ways, so many meanings to it. As I captioned this pic when I posted it on instagram " And I promise you, even when you go your separate ways.. If it's written for you that your paths will cross again, it shall happen." Piece by Diego Mendoza Imbachi.

Photographs - Mikhael Subotzky
Paintings - Aboudia
Jute sacks - Ibrahim Mahama
I have to admit, most photographs were heartbreaking.. We have such a blessed life compared to so many people.

Almost everything was so intriguing and interesting, Zahra found it kinda unusual that I loved the gallery so much. Felt like I was in my element. 

If you can't tell how much I enjoyed myself there, then I'll tell you - I absolutely loved it. There were some pieces on display that were somewhat (very) inappropriate, and of course Zahra and I had a laugh about it! 

We wandered through a whole floor called "Dead: A celebration of mortality." Yeah as I'm sure you can tell, it had paintings and photographs of dead people, even some "bodies" made out of clay and whatnot laying down on the ground... dead. Yeah.. pretty morbid and kinda scary if you're not into that stuff, and.. let's just say I'm not. 

After our visit to the gallery we decided to go eat at a burger place based near Oxford circus. Because burgers. And because, you know, looking at paintings makes you very hungry. Well, actually doing anything makes me hungry. Hahaha don't judge. After filling our stomachs we hung out at the park near my house and took more and more pictures cos that's just what we do. 

Awesome day, and I have to say, the Saatchi gallery is definitely worth a visit!

Lots of love

- Ze x

Ps. Entry to to gallery is free!

All photography - Zahra
Edited by - Mars (duhh, can't do it without my other half)

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